Custom Skin Care Test: Skinsei – THIS IS REAL LIFE * 2022 New Styles

Custom Skin Care Test: Skinsei - THIS IS REAL LIFE

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It’s round two of the “Custom Skincare” Test. On Today’s SkinCare Saturday Video we are going to conduct a two week test on the Skinsei products that were recommended to me based on my test results. And as per Skinsei’s tag line…My skin is unique, so my skincare should be too. So a few Fridays ago I took the Skinsei Diagnostic Test and I purchased the 4 products that best matched with me. The Under the Milky Way Cleansing milk was an 82% match, the Take Time Off Rejuvenating serum was a 100% match, the YAS Cream Moisturizer cream was a 94% match, and the Mad Deep Clay mask was an 87% match…so one would think that my results after two weeks should be amazing…right? I mean…at the very least I should see a little bit of “visibly reducing lines”…right? Well only the two week test will tell.

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1. SkinSei The Skin Ready Complete Diagnostic Skincare Set – Website Link:
2. Under the Milky Way Cleansing milk – Website Link:
3. YAS Cream Moisturizer cream – Website Link:
4. Mad Deep Clay mask – Website Link:
5. Take Time Off Rejuvenating serum – Website Link:

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Custom Skin Care Test: Skinsei – THIS IS REAL LIFE * 2022 New Styles

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13 thoughts on “Custom Skin Care Test: Skinsei – THIS IS REAL LIFE * 2022”
  1. My mom who’s 54 has seen a drastic difference (and so has most of our family) in her wrinkles by using the L’Oréal wrinkle experts line for 45+ and 55+

  2. I poke a whole in a vitamin a pill n rub it on my face,I do it every day I feel like my horrible age spots are getting lighter I have lupus n stage 3-4 kidney not sure they or my face will ever get better.but I try n what you use n say fuk it…..I won’t lol

  3. Listen Sheri,all the money you have spent n products you have put on your face,all this shit should have given you a damn facelift….. seriously… all is supposed to work?Christ you entire face should be tuct n lifted all this shit that has supposed to have worked.

    okay, are you gonna go full on for 4-6 maybe even 8 weeks with the RoC, or what was it? The no. 7 skin care??!!

  5. That cleanser clogged your pores. The skincie was not a good one and I have purchased so many skin cares that did nothing. The only one that did somethong for me was…and your going to disagree and laugh was Cindy Crawford’s original first set. It had a microdermabrasion included that was awesome .

  6. Uuuuuu a skin care checklist… love the concept….. do it!!
    May I suggest you do it by product (not by brand)…. Oh, oh, oh…, what about a skin device checklist as well?, I recall you have tested a handful, might as well get that one done too 😉

  7. ROC products plus some Korean serum with Matrixal 3000.

    Non skin care lots of omega 3 fish.

    For you I remember that Swedish skin care product that did it all I think it contained white birch.

  8. LOL! That really did make no sense to apply the serum, put the clay mask on and rinse everything off, especially as expensive as the serum is! As always, enjoyable to watch though and props to John for the humorous editing! I don’t know it you saw my e-mail, but I received my T-shirt and I love it! Will be posting it soon on Instagram! -xoxo

  9. I’m serious, I’ve trued everything & I think it all a scam. I mean if it works for u-tubers than why are they say their getting Botox & such. Bull shit! Just use like. I’m heading to that & I have extremely dry skin

  10. Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine YoungTee.Online Brünette und eine andereg Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde

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