DIY Bleach Dye Clothes * 2022 New Styles

DIY Bleach Dye Clothes

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What’s up guys! I wanted to try the bleach dye tees and see if I could do it, and I can! I thought the spiral swirl method came out the best. When I tried to use the rubber bands in other ways, I really didn’t like it as much. For the bottled pour half bleach and half water, then mix. I tried some shirts wet and some shirts dry, it all depends on personal preference of the after look and color (wet-lighter orange/ more spread out bleach & dry- more orange/bleach more concentrated in the areas) After you bleach you’ll want to tone the fabric with a hydrogen peroxide mixed with water, I put 1/4 peroxide to 3/4 water and let it sit in for 30 minutes. After this run it through cold water until the water is clear. At this time you can remove the rubber bands and give it a final rinse. For the reverse tie dye, after the peroxide soak you’ll want to squeeze out as much water as possible and make another soak of 1/4 cup of borax to 1 gallon of water. You’ll want it hot to help the powder to dissolve (cold water will create chunks). This step is crucial to allow the dye to stick to the bleached fabric. Then you’ll rinse out the dye with cold water until it runs clear. After all this you’ll want to wash your items in warm. As you can tell nothing happened to the gray jaws tee, but it did leave a weird mark on the back.
I hope you guys find this video helpful and are able to also do this to some of your clothes!

Videos that helped me:

What you’ll need:
•fabric/clothing to dye
•rubber bands
•bottles (spray and/or ketchup/squeeze)
•hydrogen peroxide
•Dawn dish soap
•(borax for reverse tie dye)
•(colored dye for reverse tie dye)

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Have you ever bleach dyed clothes? Did it work out for you? What patterns did you use?!
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0:00 – Intro
2:06- Prepping the clothes
2:52- Setting Up Bleach Station
3:05- Bleach Dye
3:42- Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
4:32- Cold Water Rinse
5:15 – Warm Water Wash
5:27 – Prep #2
6:11 – Bleach #2
6:25 – Peroxide Bath
6:35 – Cold Water Rinse
6:45 – Wash #2
6:56 – Prep #3
7:57 – Bleach #3
8:26 – Peroxide Soak
9:39 – Cold Water Wash
10:38 – Borax Bath For Reverse Dye
11:49 – Wash #3
12:08 – Cold Water Rinse For Reverse Dye
12:27 – Colored Dye For Reverse Tie Dye
12:51 – Colored Dye Rinse Clear
13:24 – Reverse Dye Warm Water Wash
13:31 – Final Results
13:46 – Final Results Try On
16:18 – Outro

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DIY Bleach Dye Clothes * 2022 New Styles

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